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How to create quality online content nowadays?

Everybody’s talking about creating quality, unique and original content. But what do these very capacious, and at the same time empty words stand for?

You’re starting to run a blog or a site for your company. Experts keep talking about content marketing, saying that content is king, that it’s the most important thing, and other similar cliches. Let’s say you’re selling windows, so you’re developing guidebooks on window selection or building a house. Or you’re an accountant and are wondering what you should write about.

And rightfully so.

Just kidding.

Let’s stick to windows for a minute, though. It’s too bad that the guidebooks will have a hard time competing against billions of content pieces already created. Someone may even find them one day. Maybe you’ll get a conversion out of it. But if we’re talking loyalty and trust… well, there’s a long way to go, still.

So, what should you write about, since this whole content is like a Holy Grail and you heard that content marketing may work for you? After all, you read that content will boost your reach and increase sales. It will, but only if it’s really top-notch. And I’m not talking about proper grammar here.

When I’m talking about quality, unique and original content, I mean its emotional impact. Discussing how to select the most appropriate windows is a mandatory ride. It’s about keywords and phrases you ought to cover anyway.

How to choose windows

How to choose roof windows

How to choose windows for a new house

How to choose PVC windows

What windows to choose for an apartment

There you go. Develop some content covering these topics. This is what people are looking for. This answers their needs, their Google queries. This is their Moment of Truth. However, with time, even a Groupon copywriter will run out of topics regarding windows.

And as you can probably tell, apart from strengthening your brand’s expert position, they don’t carry too much of an emotional load. I’m sure there are people who’ll shed a tear, looking at PVCs in the sunset, but there aren’t many of them.

It’s worth noting, that brands rarely talk about their products these days, and the number of campaigns AdBuster breaks down is dropping. Companies don’t have to be pushy with products to reach their targets. Things like opinion leaders, excellent sponsored content and branded content come to the forefront. It’s being developed based on expressiveness, original take on the topic, fresh look, trendsetting, inspiration, thought-provoking, inciting emotions. The fact that content has to be unique due to Google algorithms is obvious. But most of all consider the reader, viewer and the experience he gets out of consuming your content, not the web crawlers.

Content marketing is evolving. Today, we should be rather talking about what is called Live Interactive Content Marketing. It’s not about having 10 new blog posts a week, but about the effect they’ll have on the audience. It’s not about a daily Facebook post, but about its value and promotion. It’s not about content planned for several months in advance, but about staying up to date using Snapchat and real-time communication through social media in general. I’m talking Live Interactive Content Marketing, straight up.

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